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“Wherever there is news, TVBS News will be there!” TVBS News is everywhere in Taiwan, constantly digging for the best local stories and looking for the topics that most affect peoples’ lives. Internationally, TVBS’ global news team is ready to report live from the scene of the biggest stories, looking at the changing international situation through a Taiwan perspective.

Aside from providing the newest, quickest, and most accurate news content, TVBS News also hosts the Golden Bell Award-winning Discover New Taiwan Step by Step, which discovers hidden stories within Taiwan, demonstrating the perseverance and will to live of the Taiwan people. The show has been on the air for a decade, and has reported on over 1,800 touching stories. China on the Move shows viewers the advances of Taiwanese in mainland China, helping them understand the constant changes going on there. The program has won the Cross-Strait Relations and Mainland News Reporting Award’s Television Special Report Award four years in a row. Difference at 10 PMis the first 10PM program to look at the world from a different angle. In its 10 years on the air, the show has established itself in viewers’ minds as a program with a unique perspective.

TVBS News has spared no effort to cover every important domestic election. In 2014, the network took the lead by utilizing virtual reality integration technology, also employed by the BBC, for the first time. This technology made election news and post-election ballot-counting more vivid and lively. For the 2016 presidential election, TVBS went even further and introduced for the first time Solid Track technology, normally only seen in Hollywood. To make its news offerings more comprehensive, TVBS News created Taiwan’s first ever drone filming team, allowing an all-new perspective on the biggest news events. TVBS News is the most trusted news channel!