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TVBS’ Channel 56 is constantly creating new programming models. It is viewers’ favorite channel, featuring a wide range of content and themes. By sharing information, TVBS’ Channel 56 guides viewers to consider current events from different perspectives, to reconsider old positions, and to establish new concepts.

Join TVBS’ Channel 56 during evening primetime hours to gain a global perspective! FOCUS is Taiwan’s first-ever primetime news program to concentrate on international and economic news. The program takes an in-depth look at news highlights, and is often nominated for awards. Belle Show uses Taiwanese individuals and matters to tell Taiwanese stories, and to teach viewers how to watch the news to interpret the stories behind the reports. People Insight has been honored twice by the Golden Bell Awards. The program shares the life stories and success stories of its guests with the viewing audience.

Health 2.0 combines television programming with magazine publishing to encourage people to take their health into their own hands, using a variety of health concepts. Global Golden Line helps viewers keep abreast of global events by analyzing both domestic news and international trends. Information program T-VIEWPOINT invites experts every week to look at events from Taiwan’s point of view and spark new ways of thinking in viewers. At 6PM, Joy’s World guides viewers in finding the origins of the day’s biggest stories, filtering out the flood of posts on social media to find the must-see, can’t-miss stories and videos.

During the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, TVBS Media Group surpassed other television networks in technology and equipment by securing the exclusive cable television broadcast rights for the event in Taiwan. TVBS Media Group broadcast the games in HD, the first time any Taiwan cable station broadcast a live major international sporting event with HD technology.