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Interface Communication Co., Ltd.
In order to extend its services to the world of print media, TVBS Media Group created Interface Communications Co., Ltd., in 1997 to publish TVBS Weekly. This company combines resources from both the television and print media worlds, and has released many magazines about TVBS programs. The creation of this magazine publishing group has proven to be highly successful. Some of its current publications include:
Super Taste is made specifically for readers who love travel and fine cuisine. It explores all parts of the country to unearth new local customs and culture for its readers. Aside from sharing new places to go, new landmarks to see, and roadmaps to the best local cuisine, Super Taste also offers glimpses of people’s lives and lifestyles. It gives readers an in-depth look into Taiwan’s beauty by exploring the lives and stories of people all over the country.
Health 2.0 is a monthly magazine, a do-it-yourself guide to healthier living. As people’s home environments and living standards improve, their interest in and demand for information about health, medicine, healthcare, and nutrition have increased. Every issue is packed with trustworthy, straightforward tips for health and wellness collected from 40-50 doctors, scholars, and experts.
Lady First has for a long time been the leader in readership among beauty and fashion magazines. Under the leadership of Pauline Lan and expert teachers, Lady First is not only the magazine with the greatest circulation, but is also extremely closely followed by readers. It also has a huge impact on which beauty products get attention from the target female audience.