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Exchanges & Collaborations
TVBS Media Group is not only Taiwan’s first privately-operated television station, but also the most-trusted partner of major international media outlets.

US cable news network CNN has aired footage provided by TVBS Media Group several times while covering important news stories. When major stories break in Taiwan, CNN also requests assistance from TVBS News’ SNG vehicles. Aside from major US media, in Asia, Japan’s NHK, Singapore’s Channel News Asia, and even Beijing’s CCTV have all set up their Taiwan offices in the TVBS building.

Starting in November, 1997, TVBS Media Group was the first Taiwan television station to receive approval from China’s Taiwan Affairs Office to set up correspondent posts in Beijing and Shanghai. In 2001, when CCTV was allowed to set up a correspondent station in Taiwan, they chose to do so in the TVBS headquarters. In 2005, TVBS cooperated with the Fujian broadcasting group SETV to create Strait News Express. This was the first daily news program with all-Taiwan information created with cross-strait cooperation. It is still one of SETV’s trademark shows.

TVBS has also signed strategic cooperation agreements with Shanghai television network SMG, Hunan Broadcasting System, Tianjin Radio&TV Television, CCTV-13, CCTV-2, CBN, ICS, and Changsha Broadcast &Television Group. In 2013, TVBS Media Group once again teamed up with CCTV-15 to create Global Chinese Music, the first program to be developed under a brand-new cooperation model that saw it broadcast in both regions under the same name, at the same time, and with the same rankings. The program has become an important platform for promoting Chinese-language singers.